Wednesday, 24 February 2010

China Tour pt 3

This was the day before the 60th anniversary of China's independence, everyone was on holiday and the streets were packed... after the show we went to eat a Chengdu Hot Pot- basically a big bowl of boiling soup in the middle of the table that you dip anything and everything in, Zani's 1/2 Filipino so the pigs brain wasn't an issue. Everything is served under a mountain of Chili, you really dont know about hot food til youve eaten in Szechuan region. Aprt form the chili, garlic, and peppers, they have these Szechuan peppers that leave your mouth numb with a pepperminty aftertaste. They're illegal to bring into the States. NN

China Tour pt 2

Jennifer from China Unlimited was on point from the get go, it wouldve been impossible without someone so hooked up and that spoke both languages for things to go so smoothly. The shows out there were all in pretty boujis hip-hop/RnB clubs- to give you an idea of the levels the last guests they brought out were Fatman Scoop and an erotic male french dancer.. We put together a set touching on some of the more uptempo Beggars bits some club shit, plus Zani came with the Cash Money/ Jay Sean skills, not a standard Foreign Beggars show tho..

China Tour Pt 1

ok so this is well overdue, but a promise is a promise,(i had to get imovie blah blah..) in case you wanted to see some of what went down on our visit (- Metropolis + MC Zani) to the worlds biggest emerging superpower in October 2009, here's part one. NN

Sunday, 6 December 2009

can't remember if it was Caspa or Faith SFX that tweeted this..

Thursday, 3 December 2009

Oh THAT time of year!??!!?! Sheeeeit!

Yes indeed, people.

There we were enjoying a nice summer, sun shining, birds tweeting away, walking down Brick Lane in a bright yellow wife beater with some vintage shades, next thing you know old man winter's got an ice cold foot in the doorway tryin'a gatecrash the party.


I hate it, the songs (saw Cliff Richards video for 'Mistletoe and Wine'- swear down he ends it with the same dance they did in 'The Wickerman' when they made a human barbeque out of poor old Edward Woodward- PAGANS!!), you hear them in every shopping centre, bunch of bogus Santa's at large in town.

Good thing we just got the Fenchurch sponshorship, eh! Ran up in their store in Covent Garden on Tuesday and hooked my broke ass UP! Off to see 'em launch their Autumn Winter Collection at a spot in Old Street this evening. Pictures to follow..

At least now I got a lil one Christmas has some meaning again. I'm actually going hunting for a tree and shit, even offered to do Christmas dinner! Yeesh!!!!

Got a mix for you from dope producer and good friend Funkineven. If you get the chance peep his shit. This mix is quite House'd out, but i'm feeling that shit more and more nowadays so i hope you'll enjoy it as much as i do. Got some dope shit on there, even ends it with some bars from Matter!

Til later!

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

End of UK tour!!

Foreign Beggars next UK dates will be supporting Prodigy at the end of January 2010! Thanks to everyone that came out, the promoters, agents and everyone else that helped to make this our best UK tour yet. Stand out shows include the launch at Fabric, Leicester, Cardiff, Sheffield and Bristol Thekla.
The final weekend ended in us being early, for the first time in 7 years, for the train back to London, and look where we got kicked off..

nice voice bruv..

Monday, 30 November 2009

Just had to put this up, unbelievable

VIDEOGIOCO animation and concept by Donato Sansone
sound design by Enrico Ascoli